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About us

VISUALPLANT LLC is a privately-held design and technology provider based in Los Gatos, CA with dedicated technologists in New York, North Carolina and abroad. We offer a video platform that takes exactly what it needs from the cloud to help our clients upload, manage and distribute video. Read our story below or learn about the product.

Our story

We have interest in technology and content, in the medium and the message — how the two merge to become greatness.

For years we were dedicated to designing and developing one-off solutions for clients to publish on the Internet. We built content management and media distribution systems, each one better in some ways and worse in others than the previous. Many lessons were learned along the way.

In 2004, we sought to create our own TV station on the Internet called "IZNO TV". We found no existing solutions to do so. We began building our own "Internet Media Platform."

In 2006, YouTube grew up and consumer platforms flourished. Still, none offered the independence and full control of media context that we demanded. We didn't want our precious material floating in an oil-slick of consumerism, half-drowned in coca-cola commercials as business suits profited from our long hours. Neither did we want it locked in a Flash widget offered under expensive solutions like BrightCove.

We saw some other sites we admired popping up, like Super Deluxe and VBS TV.

Our goal was to enable up-and-coming publishers and established brands to launch media venues or integrate media seamlessly on their exisiting sites without requiring negotiations with CDNs, endless technology builds, integrations and closed, turnkey systems.

Our platform was released in early 2005 enabling professional publishers like Advertising Age, Creativity ( and Crains New York Business.

This is the history of what we now offer to you in an auto-scaling, standards-compliant platform for Internet video publishing. Read on.

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